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Careers in Banking & Finance

We have to start this blog by saying thank you to Rhoda and Faith, our interns from last year. They both came up with this campaign 'Every Career is An Option'. The aim of this campaign is to show women the career options and opportunities that are out there. Also, we to show you industries and job roles that need more women in them.

We want young women to explore the career options that are out there. We want to break the stereotypical career role that society has swayed women to go for and celebrate careers paths that more women are needed in.

We are going to show you the top 10 industries to consider building a career in. Especially industries that need more women. We are starting with banking and finance!

Finance and banking

Money makes the world go round, the Finance and Banking industry is one of the biggest industry to either work in or start a business in! It currently makes the UK 100 billion each year. So what areas of finance and banking can you work in? Finance and banking employment opportunities can be grouped into the following:

  1. Accounting - A career in accounting is basically all about keeping money records for a company (what they are spreading, how much profit they are making, how much income they are making). It's an important role and needed in every organisation.

  2. Banking and Finance - Working in banking in a nutshell, deals with the collection of money deposits, currencies in different countries, debit and credit cards. Again, a much-needed role, how many people use have debit cards or travel and exchange money? The worker here is the brains behind it all.

  3. Financial Planning - This career area helps people prepare short and long-term money goals, tax planning, budgeting and how to increase to in cash flow (different streams of income). In simple terms, they help people make more money.

  4. Insurance - People who work in insurance deal with the risk of financial (money) loss for an individual or business. They help people and businesses plan and create contracts just in case something bad happens (like a car crash). The company collects small amounts of money from its clients and pools that money together to pay for losses or damages. (e.g. car or life insurance)

  5. Investments and pensions - Investments deals with helping people make money off their money, in other words making money with little effort. If you choose to work in pensions you will be dealing with helping people put money in different areas (accounts, stocks etc...) over the years until your retirement. Pensions are a type of investment.

  6. Taxes - Working in the tax sector is about working with the government to take an amount of money from everyone, so that governments can pay for public services (like the NHS or roads.

So why should more women work in Finance & Banking?

  1. Close the gender pay gap - The banking and finance industry has the largest median pay gap in the UK of any sector with an embarrassing 31 %. So the average man in this industry gets paid 31% more than the average women. There are 521 men working in this sector and only 346 females. This sector makes the UK 100 billion every year. WE NEED MORE WOMEN HERE!

  1. There's a lot of money to be made - The average salary in the UK for this industry ranges from £44,000-£75,000 and the industry comes with the most BONUSES (some get £4000 per month) Starting pay in the country is usually starts around £30,000 a year and the highest salary is limitless.

  2. Lastly, knowledge is power - but money knowledge is domination! Image how many people you can help if you have banking and finance knowledge? You will know where the MONEY is, where the MONEY comes from. You can help people come out of poverty, build generational wealth for your family and change the world.

Next Steps

Here are some useful links that can help research and start your career in Finance and Banking. Because it is hard work.

Apply for Finance job here: -

Great site to show what qualifications you need to work in this sector. -

Great Youtube channels to watch


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