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Level Up in the Lock Down: Money, Business, Career

It's tough times right now! Our generation has never seen such a pandemic, that has caused our shops, schools, workplaces and transportation to close down! This is historic, something that you will tell your children about. But history has proven that pressure makes diamonds, it makes greatness.

For example, did you know that:

  1. Shakespeare was quarantined from a plague and He wrote King Lear

  2. Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse - in the 1918 influenza pandemic

  3. What will you create?

Use this social distancing and self-isolation as a way to level up and elevate your career journey. We at Ms Independent Global are all about helping you become successful INDEPENDENT career women. Here are our top tips on what you can do NOW during this social isolation period to help you Level upon in Lockdown.


Learn how to manage YOUR money:

Now is the time get in control of your spending. Take a day to look over the last three months of spending, check all your bank statements. See how much money you spend on, food, travel, clothing make-up. You will notice what you waste your money on, where you can cut back on spending. Create a spending spreadsheet and savings plan. Control your money don't let money control you.

Find a Finance Mentor:

I know we are physically social distancing but you can still talk over the phone, text or Whatsapp. We have mentioned this one of our other blogs, a mentor can be someone you know, friend, family or co-worker. You can also have a finance friend or circle, just find someone you can go to for financial advice, set saving goals with and that will help you stay on track. It's important to have some to hold you accountable with your money, as well as learn how to be confident talking about money. This will prepare you for when you do find yourself in a position where you have to negotiate or make a tough money decision you will be. If you want us to do a weekly money group chat, email chain or Linkedin group EMAIL US

Other streams of income:

You don't have to be an entrepreneur or do anything extravagant to have another stream of income. However, what this climate has taught us is that you do need another stream of income because one stream can disappear. This website has 22 ways to make a second income. Everything from selling old clothes on eBay, to how to make money blogging, website designing, ebooks and so much more. You will be surprised at what little idea you have now, can turn into a second income. You will be surprise what you can achieve when you are bored and motivated

Learn about the Stock market:

This is the time to learn and educate yourself about the stock market. If you look at some of the most successful and wealthy people in the world, part or most of their wealth was gained by investing in the stock market or most of them at least understand the stock market. The Companies (Sainbury's, Barclays Bank, Boohoo) sell stocks/shares ( a percentage of ownership of their business) to the public to get funds to grow the company. Anyone can buy shares anyone can sell shares. But you have to UNDERSTAND what you are doing or you can lose money too. So practice for FREE on . This is a free game that teaches you how to buy and sell stocks/shares. It looks and feels exactly the same as the real stock exchange however, you don't use real money. Practice makes perfect, so practice here and prepare yourself for the real stock market.


Expert in a skill:

One way to make you truly stand out to employers is to master a skill that all employers desire or make stand out of the crowd. Here are some of the top skills employers are looking for.

  • Language - any language is impressive, if you speak two languages you are winning, but here are the languages most employers look for (Mandarin, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German)

  • Anything digital - web design, coding, photoshop and even editing videos are impressive skills for employers.

  • Social Media Marketing - If you can show a company how to grow their followers and reach more clients, you are WINNING!

Master a skill and add it to your CV. Make a plan, practise every day and don't give up. Skillshare is a great website, it has a 2-month free trial you can learn these skills there.

Make your CV unique:

CV's are important and CV layouts have really changed. This can determine whether employers look at your CV or not. In this climate, you have to make your CV stand out by:

  • Make industry-specific CV's (for example, Marketing CV for Marketing jobs)

  • Write what you have done and NOT what can do (Have organised youth showcase for 100 students)

We love CV library, they are awesome at helping you redesign your CV. They have a free service where you can upload your CV and CV library staff member will review your CV and tell what area's of your CV needs to be improved. It is very detailed, so set some time for . this.

Develop a routine:

Don't just sleep and binge-watch in this period, create a routine, wake up at the same time every day, read, pray, exercise, eat breakfast, go far walks, learn your new skill. This will help you stay productive and also grow your concentration. You will be even more effective and accomplish more. Don't give up, keep trying and trying until it becomes a habit.


Start a business or take your business

to a new level.

Connect with other entrepreneurs:

Facebook groups & LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with other entrepreneurs, ones that have similar business as you or others you admire. Create genuine connections, offer to help their business if they give you FREE advice. You will be surprised how many people actually want to help you if you are genuine.

We are at Ms Independent are happy to create a woman in business group chat on LinkedIn, exchange ideas and business advice, let us know if you want that! Click here email us to tell us if you interested

Read the best books:

Learn from the best, listening to podcasts, watch business/entrepreneurship youtube channels and READING is the best way to make your business the best. Reading especially helps you stay disciplined and helps you start productive which is necessary for business owners. Here are some of the best business books we recommend.

1. Profit First - Mike Michalowicz

2. Girl Code - Cara Alwill Leyba

3. Hustle and Heart - Patricia Bright

4. Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki,


After you have done your research, created a plan, got a community to help stay motivated. JUST START. Don't procrastinate you learn and grow as you go. Get the website done, open the bank account just get started. Open a business bank account with our code with our Tide bank . It's free, no strings attached and it will help you get started! Everyone that opens an account gets:

- Ms Independent start pack ( Online business starter kit)

- A free one to one ( via video conferencing right now)

Email us once you have opened your business account.

We hope this helps you through this tough time, we hope this helps you become successful independent women. If you haven't already subscribed to our mailing list Join the community we will send you regularly career, money & business opportunities. #IAMMSINDEPENDENT


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