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Career tips to help live a soft life

Ladies, you deserve to live a soft life. We want to see you living your best life now. The 5-star holidays, the walk-in wardrobe, the labels, the brands, the parties, living in the moment. The finer things in life. However, there has been a misconception about soft life living. Many of us want to live and embrace this lifestyle but don’t know how to get there or let’s be honest, need the motivation or the push to put the blueprint in place to attain this lifestyle.

So how do you achieve it? What is the soft life blueprint? The truth is some hard decisions will have to be made or some hard habits will have to be formed in order for you to attain make soft life living a part of your life.

Here are some tips to help you get there, whether you want to work for a company or run your own business.

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Career Tips to Achieve a Soft Life for Employees

Leave behind the stresses and strains, you need to focus on climbing the ladder. Prove yourself and create the room and space that you deserve entirely on your own credit.

1) Make your work visible, no hiding

Focus on climbing the ladder. Get comfortable stepping up and speaking up. Don’t wait for someone to notice you, how long are you really prepared to wait? Bring it to their attention and impress your bosses now. Show them your worth, your value and that you possess the skills, knowledge and experience to progress and do more. Career progression will be heavily based on the moves you make and who notices them. Prove that you’ve got a system or skill set mastered and become famous for it.

2) Set your goals

The best way to achieve success is to set goals. You wouldn’t set out on a journey to somewhere you have never been before without sticking the address into Google Maps, would you? So why would you begin your journey towards a soft life without planning the route to your goal first?

Set a goal and work out the steps to get there. This is going to help stay laser sharp focused and on track, especially on those days when you are lacking motivation and the drive to keep going. One big goal can be overwhelming and seem harder to achieve, but that’s where your focus is wrong. Focus on the little steps you have to make, day by day, week by week. You’re still working towards the grand plan but with minimal overwhelm and headache.

Always keep your goals front of mind, write it somewhere you will see it every day. Don’t forget it, it’s your tank of fuel.

3) Make a money plan

It's a no-brainer, you need cash in the bank, and those lush handbags and flights don’t come cheap.

As you move along with your goals, you need to plan how you will use and manage your money. Part of your goals should be your money plan. What do you want to earn? When do you want to be earning this by? How will you need to live in the meantime? You get the picture.

For you to start living a soft life you need to get strict with your finances and know how to manage money.

Some things to think about when putting together your money plan:

  • Write down your money goals, be detailed, and what you need to be earning to live the life you want.

  • Make sure you give yourself deadlines, so you are always working towards something.

  • Create and stick to a budget, you have got to be disciplined. Cover everything from bills to social gatherings and travel.

  • Create and build an emergency fund.

  • If you have debt, make a plan to clear it.

  • Set up a standing order and start saving regularly.

This is setting yourself up to have a good relationship with money so that when the bigger paychecks come, you will use it wisely.

4) Follow those who have walked the path you seek

Another tip for rising up is to think and act how someone one step ahead of you would. Watch those at the level you want to reach next and see how they operate.

Observe and see how those who are where you want to be got there. What did it take, what new skills did they learn, and what went on behind the scenes for them to live this fabulous life? How do they communicate, and how do they think about the challenges they meet?

5) Invest in new skills and career

Think about investing in new skills or building on the ones you already have. Look into your chosen career path or existing job role and look at the levels you want to progress to. What skills could you be learning in your own time to secure that next pay rise or career move? What will make you stand out and what will get you to where you want to go?

Not everyone has it all figured out. Deciding on what skills to invest in can be a challenge for some, if that’s you the below should help:

  • Aim for high-paying skills like coding, tech and language, do your research

  • What are you aiming for? Know this and then investigate the different options and levels you can work towards. This will help you get insight into what you should be focusing on.

  • Adjust your mindset. Focus on the outcomes to determine the value, worth and overall return of what you are about to invest in.

Some other ways you can invest in yourself:

  • Sharpen skills while on the job

  • Keep networking, your network is your net worth

  • Get a professionally written CV

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Tips to Create a Soft Life for Entrepreneurs

Being able to grow your own enterprise quickly is a great way to get yourself to a level where you can start to enjoy a soft life. Don’t get us wrong; to be able to reach this goal, you need to put the work in early on, but it is possible. Here are some tips for the entrepreneurial women out there.

1) Focus on what works

As an entrepreneur sometimes we got can get lost in the cycle of constantly chasing new business. Shift your focus to your existing customers, the ones who’ll sing your praises and help you spread the word about your business.

These are the people who have already connected and bought into your business, with good reason. But why stop at one business transaction when you can do more? Offer them more, and most importantly, solve more of their problems. A longer relationship will help your bank account but will also build a solid reputation with a consistent cycle of referred business. Use what you already have ladies.

2) Be flexible and get comfortable with adapting

Business changes all the time. Those who roll with the punches get on. Those who stand still do not. Simple as that.

Think about those companies that shifted what they did during Covid and made something positive out of something terrible. They were flexible, they thought outside of the box some even thrived. Why, because they showed up with solutions when others had no answers, struggled and were scared.

Always understand that life might throw some curveballs at you, but you’ve got this. You can handle it. Try to think forward, and have all possible outcomes and negatives when working towards your goal, just by doing this you allow yourself to do everything in your power to avoid it. Self-awareness is a beautiful thing when you acknowledge it and master it.

“It’s not the load that weights you down, it’s the way you carry it!”

3) Invest in you for maximum return

Investing in yourself will increase the chances of you achieving your goals, when you think about it, it’s the perfect way to show yourself and the world that you are committed to the goals you set, you mean business. Remember, your career is in your hands, it’s up to you to mould it into what you want.

It might be that you need to take on help to fulfil orders, or maybe you’re not sure of the next steps for your business, in this case, a mentor or coach can really work wonders. Maybe you need to learn a new skill set like tech or a new language, do it. Never see this as a waste of time. Remember, every pound that you invest in yourself now will help you achieve your dream of living a stress-free life.

How Ms Independent Helps

We run interactive sessions with a range of different age groups helping women learn the skills they need to achieve their dreams. There are taster sessions, as well as term and year-long programmes, where you can learn how to grow, succeed and achieve a soft life as a reward for the hard work you put in. See our Programmes page to find a course that suits you and your journey to where you want to be.


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