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Slaying My STUDIES Successfully!

Girls, it’s the start of the new academic year, a new school year begins! It is important to start positive habits and make reasonable plans to make sure that you succeed in your studies and make the most of your educational journey. Here are some valuable tips to guide you towards success:

  1. Create a Revision Routine: Do a Little Bit Every Day

Instead of cramming for exams or doing work until the last minute, develop a revision routine that involves studying a little bit every day. By setting time aside each day to study each topic, you can strengthen your understanding and help you remember information even more. Our best advice is to, break down your study time into realistic, this will also help lessen stress and prevent overwhelming feelings.

Here are some examples:

2. Create a Friendship Study Group

Working together with friends in a study group is very beneficial. Research shows that say that Almost 70% of students said that being in a study group increased their motivation to study. If you struggle with maths but are good in English and your friend is good a maths but struggles with English, you can help each other! Working together also helps create a fun and motivating environment for studying. Talking, having discussions and explaining ideas with each other can improve your understanding of the subject. Also, it can reduce FOMO because you all study together then you can all have fun together late. Don’t wait. Start a study group!

3. Ask for Help

Don’t suffer in silence, speak up and ask for help! Do not be afraid to ask silly questions, because it is your grades, your life! Whether getting clarification from your teachers, tutors, older students, parents, cousins, or classmates for assistance or utilizing resources available online. Reaching out for HELP is a sign of strength, not weakness. Remember, everyone struggles, and looking for guidance shows your strength to grow and learn.

4. Positive Thoughts = Positive results

Maintaining a positive mindset, and way of thinking, is crucial for overall well-being and success in education. Believe in yourself, acknowledge your accomplishments, and celebrate your progress. Avoid comparing yourself to others and instead focus on your journey. Celebrating the smallest achievements can boost your confidence and motivation, leading to greater success.

5. Reward Yourself

Creating a system of rewards can be an excellent way to stay motivated and reward your efforts. When you complete a challenging assignment or achieve a particular goal, treat yourself to something you love, whether it's something small like a dessert, or an activity like the cinema, getting your nails done, or spending time with family and friends. By putting rewards into your routine, you will have a positive mindset and remind yourself that hard work pays off.

6. Still Do Extracurricular Activities

While academics are important, it's important not to neglect extracurricular activities and hobbies. Engaging in activities you enjoy outside of school helps maintain a healthy work-life balance and promotes personal growth. Extracurricular activities provide opportunities that no amount of studying can EVER offer. So join and continue going to that sports team, learn that new skills, and explore all your different interests. All of this will help your education journey to be a more enjoyable experience.

Remember, achieving success is not solely limited to academic accomplishments. By having a revision routine, seeking support, fostering positivity, and maintaining a balance of activities, you'll enhance your educational journey, personal growth, and overall well-being.

Wishing you a fantastic academic year filled with growth, learning, and exciting experiences!

Note: This blog post is intended to give general advice. Please adapt these tips to your circumstances and consult with your educators or professionals for personalized guidance.


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