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our mission

We are a career and employability social enterprise on a mission to empower the next generation of INDEPENDENT career women. We do this by running programmes and courses to equip young women (between 15 years to 30 years), with skills and knowledge to thrive in any career path they choose. We believe that every female can be successful regardless of their gender, ethnicity, background or socioeconomic status. 

Our vision

We want to see 50% of women in senior positions, 50% starting businesses and 50% in all industries. Our programmes shed a positive light on stereotypically male-dominated industries and roles. We want all girls to make an informed and confident decision about their careers.

Our impact

Since our Launch in 2016, we have...


Female students have been through a Ms Independent Global Programme.


Young women feel more confident about entering the working world & wanted to learn this at an earlier age.


High Schools, Colleges, Universities and Youth Centre's are the number of educational intuitions we have worked with.


is the number of cities we have delivered our programmes in, across three countries, Ghana, Spain & England 


our story

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' I Graduated from University with an excellent grade in Bsc Economics (a very male-dominated degree), with great work experience and connections. But still found myself earning less money, and staying in junior roles in comparison to my male counterparts. I soon realised I lacked the skillset and confidence to talk about my achievements and abilities to employers., also I felt extremely uncomfortable talking about money. Finally, I had a fear of taking risks which held me back.  After studying the gender pay gap, I realised that a lot of women face the same issues. I never wanted another girl to go through what I went through, especially the ones who don't have the opportunities that I had. Ms Independent was born'

Zoe Garsh - Founder of Ms Independent Global

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  • In 2020, only 5% of FTSE 100 CEOs are women. The FTSE 250 is even further behind, with just 2% being CEO's.

  • 57% of female's in the UK have never attempted to negotiate a pay rise, and that men are 23% more likely to negotiate a rise at all stages of their careers.

  •  Fewer than one in five small and medium-sized enterprises in the U.K. are led by women. While women in the UK outnumber men by around 1 million, there are twice as many male entrepreneurs as females

There are many reasons why the gender pay still exists in many industries. However, for us, we felt that it is important to focus on developing female students, career connections, skillset and confidence. We want girls to have the skills, knowledge and connections to be successful independent career women in ANY career their choose. 

Our values

  • We don't hate men, we're just  focused on empower women

  • We believe that everyone is equal, but everyone is unique

  • Being a woman shouldn't affect your role or your paycheck

  • We love to learn and  laugh

" I have learnt  that I can be


and that


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