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12 Days of Ms Mas: Reflection 2019

Okay, we are really forcing it with this name 'Ms Mas' but we needed something catchy and festive to help us with this months campaign which is all about reflection. Here are 12 things that we encourage you to reflect on in the last few days for 2019. The best way to prepare for 2020 and make it truly successful for yourself your money and your career is to reflect on it. Here are 12 things we suggest you should reflect on before 2020 starts:

1. Your 2019 Mindset

To be that truly independent career woman, it starts with your mindset. How you think can affect the way you act and talk. In 2019 have your thoughts held you back from going after what you want or have you mastered how to manage your thought patterns and use them to overcome barriers? Your mindset is important so take a moment to think about the recurring thoughts you have had in your mind this year and how they have affected your decisions. Then make new goals about how you are going to build a positive and powerful mindset. Book, podcasts and empowering events can help.

2. Your Career Moves

Reflect on your career this year. Have you stayed stagnant or have you progressed? If you have progressed this year take time to reflect and celebrate. Women tend to downplay their career achievements. Don't do that ladies! Celebrate the boss that you are. If you haven't progressed in your career this year, don't worry 2020 is the year. Reflect now and in 2020 go for that promotion, progress to a new position, apply for that new job, be bold and ask for opportunities in your workplace. Make bold career moves.

3. Your CV

Don't leave it to when you have a to apply for a new job to review and change up your CV. Now is a great time to reflect on your CV, add to your CV the new skills you have learned, new qualifications you have obtained, new things you have accomplished in your current role. Take away irrelevant information and rewrite parts of your CV to make it sound better! Reflect on the amazing women you are. Write it all down, don't downplay yourself and prepare yourself for a great opportunity. CV-Library has a FREE CV review service, use it!

4. Your Skillset

Have you learnt a new skill this year? Anything from excel to a new language is worth celebrating this year. This should motivate you to master another new skill in 2020. If you're not learning you're not growing. If you haven't learnt a new skill make it a goal, reflect on a skill or a talent you want to master. In addition, focus on why you to learn this skill, it will help you stay focused in 2020.

5.Your Savings

Independent women save money! If you have stayed focused on saving this year reflect, celebrate and treat yourself! Saving is a great accomplishment and a great habit. If you are not happy with your savings this year now is the time to reflect on why you haven't saved as much and what you need to do make it a habit next year.

6. Your Pay Grade

If you have been working at your company for over a year and if you have hit your goals, its time for a pay rise. One of the hardest things for any person to do it to speak to their boss about money, but it necessary. This is the best time of you to do your research about your role and how other competitors pay and plan for your pay rise conversation.

7. Your Spending Habits

Now is the best time to go through your bank statements, month by month, see what you spend your money and see how you can cut down. You will be so shocked to find out what you waste your money on and how much you could save if you are more conscious of your spending.

8. Your Investing

The best way to be financially comfortable is to make money off of your money. Whether it is stocks, ISA's, businesses, other businesses or properties it is good to invest. If you have done of the few things we have listed, well done! Celebrate because you are on your way to financial freedom. Keep reflecting on how it's going and how you can grow and maintain your investing habit. If you haven't done any of these, now is the time to reflect and research what you are going to invest in. Make 2020 your investing year, but first, reflect and research.

9. Your Time Management

We all have 24 hours in a day to make things happen. Now is the time to look at how you spent your time in 2019. Did you maximise your 24 hours in 2019 or did you waste a lot of it? Time is one thing we will never get back, the more you manage it the better you feel and the more successful you can become. In 2020 make some great time management choices.

10. The impact you have had 2019

We believe at Ms Independent that you have to have an impact. Meaning, we should be trying to make someone else life better. Now is the time to reflect, are you adding value to some else's life? Are you standing by a cause and doing all you can do to see justice in this cause, are you mentoring anyone? If you have done these great, reflect and evaluate on it how well you have done and how you can improve next year. If you haven't, now is the time to reflect and set some goal this year.

11. Your Network/ Squad

This is a hard one to discuss, but now is the time to review your squad, your network who you surround yourself with, who you take advice from who impacts you. BAD ENERGY stay far AWAWY 2020! If there are people in your circle that do not add value, that suck your energy make you feel bad about yourself, who don't help you level up in any way, reflect on this. Do you want this to continue in 2020? On the other hand, if you are the smartest in the circle and you don't have a mentor or some sharpening you now is the to reflect on who you can mentor you and how to meet new like-minded people. Iron sharpens Iron!

12. What have you have learned about yourself

Reflect on yourself as a whole. Sit still and reflect on the type of women you are now and who you want to be. If you are truly happy with the women you are now and where you are going, focus on how you can grow and maintain that true happiness. If you aren't happy with where you are, now is the time to reflect on why and what steps you can take to be truly happy from within. Aim to be at peace with the woman that you are and the woman you are becoming.

We hope this helps you get 2020 ready, let us know if any of this advice has helped you at all comment below, we want to hear your views. If you have any questions again comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Finally, share this with a friend!


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