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#SHEpreneurs From the Past:

It's global entrepreneurship week and we're celebrating female entrepreneurs from the across the world. From the past, present and women that we know are going to change the future. We like to call the SHEpreneurs. Please use the hash tag to follow our #SHEpreneur story.

We throw it all the way back to some of the first recorded female entrepreneurs that changed their generation and changed the world as we know it. They are the reason why us women can be successful business women today! In this blog post we celebrate amazing women in history that have paved the way for us all.


Bridget “Biddy” Mason (1818 -1891)

Introducing Bridget Mason, also known as Biddy, she worked as a midwife and nurse. She also founded the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles, She donated to several charities, fed and homed the poor, visited prisoners.

She was active in founding a traveller's aid centre and an elementary school for black children. She back a prominent citizen of the LA community and in 1866 bought her first piece of land in when she was 48 years old.

Did you know that just 11 years before, she bought her land she was a slave?

It is calculated that she had a net worth of $300,000, which would be roughly $6 million in 2018!


Louise Blanchard Bethune (1856-1913)

Louise Bethune was the first female professional architect in the United States. She founded the firm Bethune, Bethune & Fuchs with her husband. Bethune is responsible for the design of the historic Lafayette Hotel in Buffalo, N.Y. she helped 50 women work professionally as architects.

She fought for well as equal pay for women in the industry of architecture.


Madam CJ Walker (1867-1919)

Motivated by her search for a treatment for her hair loss, she created a series of hair care products for black women known as the “Walker System.” The success of her products led to her becoming the first black female millionaire in America.

She travelled around the country educating and lecturing about haircare. Walker opened a factory and a beauty school manufactured cosmetics but also trained and employed/ empowered future sales beauticians.


We hope that this encourages you to never give up on your business idea keep going until you see it come to life.


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