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We are going to get straight into this. It's a new year, a new decade and we want all of you to be successful independent career women. Therefore, we have a few tips, websites, apps and services we recommend that you use or start doing this month that will make your 2020 career journey amazingly great.



#2020 career moves. We want you to level up in your career in 2020. If you need a new job

this is the year to secure it. CV Libary has a free CV review service. All you have to do is make a profile and upload your CV and click-free review. They analyse your CV in detail and show exactly what changes you need to make. The job market is changing which means your CV has to stay relevant. Here is the link to CV library's CV review service.

If you need to level up your skillsets for example; learn how to edit, to use social media professionally or finance skills, here are some websites that have incredible courses. If you can subscribe to Netflix you can subscribe to these this Skillshare and Lynda. Local colleges and universities have free short course or courses for a very small sum of money as well. Go into your local college or university and ask about these courses. 2020 is a year of no excuses.



Have you checked your credit score lately? A credit score is a tool used by lenders to help determine whether you qualify for a particular credit card, loan, mortgage or service. For example, if you want to buy a house, or get a job some of the top jobs or some of the top industries look at your credit score. Clear Score is one we recommend. You can download the app on to your phone, answer a few questions and it will send you monthly updates about your credit score it will also show how to improve your credit score every month. But remember, don't check your credit score more than once a month. Over checking can reduce your score.

We want all our ladies to be in the 2% earning 6 figures plus in a year. There are not enough women in the high-income bracket. To earn a 6 figure income you need to have a least 6 streams of income. However, we know that the ladies reading this blog are at different career stages, some of you are our students, some are just entering the working world and some of you are thriving in your career. However, no matter what stage you are at, we suggest that you do two things or prepare to do these things

Ask/prepare for a pay rise - If you have been working for a company for more than a year and you haven't received an increase, now is the time to ask. Do your research, make a plan and do it. If you don't ask you won't get.

Start a side hustle - what are you naturally gifted at? What comes easy to you? Think about it, make a plan start charging for it. Make Saturdays you side hustle days.



Your network is so important for your career, how does your LinkedIn profile look like? Does it attract quality conversations that will help you with your career? Watch this video to see how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. So many people get funding for there business, better job offers and collaborations from Linkedin. It's powerful.

Have you got a mentor for your career? If not you better find one. Many successful people have a mentor. A mentor can be anyone that you look up to, someone that holds you to account, that can guide you through your career journey. They will also support you and motivate you. You don't need to look hard for a mentor, they are probably someone in your community already. For example, they could be someone in your church, university, at your workplace or previous workplace, family or extended friendship circles that you admire already that you could ask. Remember to not waste your mentors time, they want to see that you are serious and focused. So, be prepared with questions, be ready to listen and take notes from your mentor.

Assess your squad! If you and your friends don't have ambitious meaningful conversations about investing, career goals, self-love and self-care you have to either change the conversation or change your circle. 2020 you have to get your mind right and friends play a heavy part in that. Your circle is a reflection of you so what are they reflecting? Ambition or Jealousy.



Never forget YOU. ME time is important. The more successful and ambitious you get the busier you also get. This can cause you to become stressed, unhealthy and less energised. So you have to do things that are going to keep your energies, healthy and motivated throughout your 2020 career journey, here a few things in our list:

  • Exercise - join a sports club, the gym, use youtube there is no excuse.

  • Healthy eating - learn which foods are good for your body and eliminated whats, not.

  • Journal - reflect on all the good things in your life, celebrate your achievements, read, you can even listen to books now.

  • Treat yourself - do fun activities that you enjoy like the cinema, holidays, girls trips, get your hair done, nails, make-up, dress-up.

We hope this helps you get 2020 ready, we have events coming up so please do come along. Comment below if this has helped you. Share with friends and contact us if you ever have any questions we are happy to help. Email us here


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