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Career Confidence - No Comfort Zones

It is officially the second half of 2021. This means you have just under 6 months to reach your career goals for this year. Here at Ms Independent Global, we focus on helping young women like you reach their career goals. We want to see more young women win, succeed and thrive throughout our career journey. We are challenging every young woman to get out of her comfort zone, try something new, face your fears and win.

Comfort Zone:

According to the Cambridge Dictionary Comfort Zones are defined as:

a situation in which you feel comfortable and in which your ability and determination are not being tested. Growth and success come from being tested, challenges and facing fears. Below is the Comfort Zone to growth zone growth chart. Where are you right now?

5 ways to get out of your comfort Zones:

Here are ...different ways to get out of your career comfort and into a growth Zone

1. Get a Mentor or a Coach:

If you are struggling with confidence or really feel clueless or stuck with your career journey, a mentor or a coach can help you identify your triggers, your fears, your bad habits and give you direction. They can help hold you accountable. Coaches are qualified and trained to help you succeed (please go for the qualified coaches), they usually charge, but see this as an investment. Many successful people have a coach or have been coached before. If the coach has a good track record and is highly recommended I believe that it is worth the investment, when you pay for something you tend to value it more.

Mentors are usually volunteers and can give you excellent career advice in their spare time. If you are in education your school, college or university should have a mentoring scheme or can refer you to a mentoring scheme, so ask your teachers or lecturers. Alternatively, find your own mentor. If you admire someone ask them to mentor you. Top tip for mentoring; as mentors usually volunteer their time, they want to see that you respect their time. So come prepared and ready, create a list of things you want to learn from them, show commitment and enthusiasm. Always show up on time whether it is on zoom or in-person be on time and show them that you appreciate them.

2. Join or create accountability partnerships or groups:

Accountability partners or groups are designed to help you stay focused on reaching a specific goal and you do the same for them. You and your group or partner should set your goals, a time frame to achieve each goal and how often you will contact each other.

Research studies have shown that publicly committing your goals to someone gives you at least a 65% chance of completing them. However, having a specific accountability partner increases your chance of success to 95%.

You can find and join groups on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram or LinkedIn. Why not create your own, with your friends, family or co-workers. Chose people that want to see you win, as much as you want them to win. We at Ms Independent are starting a Career Goals Accountability group in September 2021 Click here to sign-up to subscribe to our network and to find more information about our new Accountability group.

3. Learn a new skill:

From filming and editing, coding, learning a new language or trading; learning is important not just for your career journey but for your brain. Learning is like exercise for your actual brain. It also increases your employability and your overall price (if you are running a business and salary range).

Learning new skills elevates your professional life. It helps you to achieve your goals, boosts your confidence and gives you the motivation to push through the tough times. In addition, practising and perfecting your existing skillset is also crucial. Set time week monthly or weekly for skills development, invest in your skills. We spend a lot of money on clothes, make-up, hair, drinks and food, you can set money aside for your skillset.

4. Form Successful habits:

Exercising, reading, journaling, planning and scheduling your day. To be a successful career woman, you have to research, copy and do what other successful people do. You also need to turn these habits into routines and lifestyles that work for you.

Success doesn't come overnight, it comes from what you consistently do. Building new habits can be scary or uncomfortable but it is necessary.

Set yourself a challenge, for example, for the next 30 days read for 30 minutes every single day (check out our reading list click here . Each month start a new habit challenge, within a year you will see your entire life change. Try it.

5. Try something NEW:

If applying for the same type of job, using the same job website doesn't work. Then try something new. If using the same type of promotion or marketing for your business idea doesn't work then try something new. If your morning routine still doesn't get your excited and ready for work. If you are having the same conversations with your friends, family members, co-workers and you are not moving forward and you feeling stuck; try something new.

Research has shown that trying something new and different stimulates your brain activity. It causes you to think clearer and produce better results. So maybe you need to start contacting people directly or use LinkedIn more instead of applying to the same job websites. Maybe you need to start thinking about partnering up with someone, start a campaign or pay for promotion to help your business idea grow. You might need to change your friends and families narratives, change the conversations and discussions to new forward-thinking and product conversations. Try something different for yourself, completely out of the ordinary like go to hot yoga, pick up a challenging book, watch a new documentary.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

We hope that this blog was helpful, please share it with other young women that need to hear this!

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