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Sisterhood – How to help each other climb the career ladder

The world we live in can be cruel, it can be hard and people, as you know, can be really selfish, corporate work or running your business can exceptionally hard and lonely.

However, when we work together, we are more powerful than when we’re alone. It’s that simple. So think less competition and more collaboration. We’ve written this article to show how you can start helping yourself by also helping other ladies too. Whether you’re working for a company or doing your own thing, connecting & uplifting your sisters out there is one of the biggest power moves you can make as you climb your unique career ladder.

Here are the tips:

What is an accountability partner and why you need one

Think of an accountability partner as some who does just that, holds you accountable when you need it most to keep you focused, motivated, positive and on track. A lot of people struggle alone whilst building their business or career but that’s a sure way to slow your growth down. Your accountability partner is not there to judge you, they are rooting for you, they are there to listen and give you the cold-hearted truth when you need to hear it! They are there to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Don’t just think about the destination, think about the journey and the amazing relationships you can create along the way.

Here are some of the top benefits of working with an accountability partner:

  • They help you stay motivated

  • They help you stay on track every time you get distracted

  • They provide support and advise

  • They are generally interested in your happiness and success

  • They help you recognise your strengths and weaknesses

sisterhood, sisters

Where do I start

You don’t have to complicate things. If you already know someone like a friend or another sister following her dreams and chosen career path reach out to them and see if they are interested in teaming up.

The great thing about starting with people you already know in your circle is that you already trust them.

What do I do as an accountability partner?

Slide Into Each Other's DM's

One way to help another sister out is by being there for each other. Set up a group chat, or simply slide into their DM’s, the point is to keep in contact, share your highs and lows, and ask for and offer support when it is needed. This is a space you feel safe to share in.

This is a give and take kind of relationship.

Share the knowledge you have

Have you ever heard of the saying ‘knowledge is power’? Well, it doesn’t all have to come from a textbook. If you possess knowledge that can help others share it, if you have a job opportunity, spread the word. If you had a hard lesson that you have recently overcome and learned from, share it with others so they can avoid it.

Sharing your knowledge not only spreads the word that you know your stuff but it also shows people that you are willing to give as much as you are ready to gain. The great thing about knowledge and experience is that it is unique to you, we can learn so much from each other if we are brave enough to speak up.

Show some support with small actions

There is nothing better than knowing someone is fighting in your corner, that your girl has got your back and cheering you on when you need it the most. Well, you see that feeling there, it comes from simple actions, like dropping a quick text to wish someone good luck or to share their posts on social media to support their business so in return they get more eyes on them.

Support is needed just for us to cope with day to day life so climbing your career ladder will most certainly need the same if not more. Remember to let them know you are there.

Recommend a sister when you can

People are always asking for recommendations, online, in person you name it. People always prefer to do business with someone who can vouch for them, who can verify what they say on the tin is true. The next time you see a request come up, take notice of it don’t just scroll. Do you know someone who fits the criteria?

Remember your sisters when anyone asks for a recommendation. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and the best thing is it costs you absolutely nothing but can mean the world to someone else and later will likely be re If you can push some work to your sisters rather than their competition, do it.

sisterhood, sisters

Give each other credit where it is due

When something goes well for you, it’s easy to say that it was good luck or that everything fell into place. But that takes away the limelight from YOU. So often, we play down our part because we don’t want to seem like we’re bragging. Stop that right now. Taking a moment to recognise where you are now and the moves you have been making to get you here.

So some of you may not be so good at even doing that which is why it is important for our sisters to be cheering us on. Give credit where it is due let her know it and let her know you see how hard she has worked for the success.

By shouting out about each other's wins, we tell the world that we deserve the good things that come to us because we make amazing things happen. Speak it into existence ladies.

Be part of the sisterhood

The great thing is that we are already assembling your tribe for you. We have a Sisterhood community where you can network with other women in a similar place to you at the start of their careers as well as female business leaders who can give you expert guidance about how to boost your journey up the ladder.

The group has helped more than 500 women find their ideal careers and start their businesses. As part of the Sisterhood, you will get amazing giveaways, events and masterclasses, online courses and an active chat forum. Basically, everything to help you become a successful and independent career woman.

​Join our group today and boost your journey up the career ladder with your sisters.


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